Luffa: Natural, Renewable, sustainable

Yes! Luffas are plants, fun and interesting.

Did you think luffas (loofahs) were just for scrubbing  your skin?  Not so, at Diablo Day Ranch we are coming up with new roles for this fibrous plant.  Yes, luffas are plants.  

The great majority of luffas in the US come from overseas.  After 2 years of studying and experimenting with this plant, we are now able to offer US-based, Texas grown luffa products to our customers.  

Luffas are natural, renewable, and sustainable.  They can be used to exfoliate your skin, increase blood circulation to your feet, keep pets entertained, clean your bath and/or kitchen.  And much more.

It’s an interesting addition to a more self-sustainable lifestyle.  Because luffas are a natural product, there will be slight variations in color.


Diablo Day Ranch produces several luffa productsts include:

Luffa Bites for rabbits, birds, chinchillas

Luffa sponges for skin exfoliation (yes…that familiar body scrubber)

Luffa for soap making

Luffa shredded (for soap)

Luffa custom insoles for your shoes

Lots of luffas

Lots of luffas



Why should you be interested in Luffas?

Luffas are natural, renewable, and sustainable. They are wholly biodegradable and non-toxic. NO petroleum is required to grow it.  It’s an interesting addition to a more self-sustainable lifestyle. 

Why grow luffas?

One, luffas are cool and so interesting.  Luffas are related to cucumbers and grow on a vine. The luffa (Luffa cylindrica) produces a fibrous skeleton which can be used to make all natural and sustainable products.

How are luffas produced?

A strong trellis system is needed in order to grow luffas.  They produce a beautiful yellow flower and we let  pollinators (bees and butterflies) do their thing resulting in a small luffa.  Luffa grows rapidly (up to 2-3 feet in length) and then dries on the vine.  

When are luffas harvested?

We pick the luffas when they mature (110-120 days).  The luffa  will turn brown on the vine.  

How are luffas processed to make products?

Once the luffa is matured, we pick it by hand, peel away the outer skin and remove the seeds.  Luffas are hung to dry.  Now its ready to make exfoliating sponges, luffa bites, insoles for your shoes, etc.

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